Non-Domestic Design Calculations

SBEM calculations at design stage
The Process – Compliance Is No Accident

Buildings don’t comply with the Part L regulations by accident – in fact, it is sometimes difficult to get them to pass at all. That’s why you need a Chartered Building Engineer to examine the possibilities and assist in designing a cost effective solution.

Detailed calculations are produced at design stage and submitted with a Building Regulation Approval application. Each building will require a separate submission and it will usually be necessary to commission an M & E specification at an early stage.

Our SBEM Service

We work closely with the design team and provide friendly guidance on how to achieve compliance with the regulations from experienced assessors, who are also Chartered Building Engineers. This is not always easy and many buildings fail on first calculation. Whereas the structure and heating system is the predominant determining factor in domestic buildings – heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting play a larger part in commercial and industrial buildings.

When we have all the required information the calculations generally take just a few days to complete – depending on the complexity of the project. Where clients need a fast track service, this is available at additional cost and the turnaround time can be cut to as little as 48 hours.

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